What are the features of BuddyPress Stats?

Following are the key features of BuddyPress stats plugin:

  • This plugin comprises seven different types of widgets.
  • Each widget contains a graph to show the data.
  • Site Administrators can take a quick update about the members’ involvement in their community website through a demonstrative widget. In this widget, We display a comparison of user registrations, newly created activities, and groups from last day to current day, last week to current week, and last month to the current month.
  • Feature to display comprehensive data of daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly registered users
  • Feature to display the top groups of the website.
  • Feature to display all-inclusive statistics of daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly active users.
  • Feature to display the total number of activities of last month, current month last 7 days, and of last year.
  • Logged-in members can see their involvement through a widget.
  • This widget will display the Activities created by logged-in members, Created groups, friendship connections, and Notifications received in the last 2 days, 7 days,15 days, and 30 days.
  • Provides a separate widget to display the summary of activities created by all the site members. These activities can be filtered out on the basis of last month, current month, current year, and last 7 days filter.
  • Plugin provides a group-specific widget that displays the total number of activities performed by the members in a particular group. These activities can be filtered out on the basis of various factors, such as activities created in the last seven days, last month, current month and the current year.

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Update on May 25, 2022