Group Setting

This setting allows the site members to create customized resumes by adding custom field groups and fields.

By default, four different types of groups are given by the plugin:

  • Personal Information
  • Educational
  • Professional Experience
  • Others

You can also create a custom group of your choice. Below are the fields are given in the group creation:

Group Title

Enter the title of the group. This title could be anything such as personal information, activities, etc.

Group Description

Enter the group description.

Group Display Area

Set the display area of the group. Two areas are given below.

  • Content Area
  • Sidebar

Display Group at BuddyPress Profile

This setting allows displaying resumes at BuddyPress Profile. If this setting is enabled, members can show their resumes to each other.

Display Group At Resume

If you want to show this group in the BuddyPress Resume, enable this setting.


If you want to make this group repeater,  enable this setting. Repeater means members can fill in the same type of information more than once. For example, educational information.

Group Availability

Make this group available for the specific user role or member type. It means that only the selected member type or user role will be able to view this group.

Update on June 16, 2023