How to create repeater fields with xprofile

BuddyPress does not offer repeater field options. You can add only the following type of fields:

  • Single Line Text Box
  • Multi-line Text Box
  • Date Selector
  • Radio Buttons
  • Dropdown Select Box
  • Multiple Select Box
  • Checkboxes

Using BuddyPress Xprofile Custom Field Types, you can add a few more field types as follows:

The newly added BuddyPress field types are:-

  •  Birthdate.
  •  Image.
  •  File.
  •  Checkbox acceptance.
  •  From/To field(can be used to show 2 numbers or text strings).
  •  Token (can be used to set a list of predefined approved codes for registration etc.).
  •  Embed ( allow your users to use youtube/Facebook, Vimeo, and other embed supporting URLs to embed in their profile).
  •  Email.
  •  Web.
  •  Datepicker.
  •  Custom post type selector.
  •  Custom post type multi-selector.
  •  Colorpicker.
  •  Decimal number.
  •  A number within min/max values.
  •  Custom taxonomy selector.
  •  Custom taxonomy multi-selector.
  •  Range input (slider)
  •  Select2 javascript plugin for select boxes.

We have released BuddyPress Profile Pro.

It allows to:

  • Allows members to add repeater fields and groups simply as BuddyPress Fields Groups and Fields.
  • The site admin has simple options to create Field groups as regular or repeater.
  • Have inbuilt options to pick any fields as repeater fields.
  • Each field has its dynamic id and class, which help developers to style them easily.
  • Advance Developer docs with all available hooks and filters.
  • Allow users to change profile field visibility status.
  • Support for Google Autocomplete for Field data.


Update on May 26, 2022