What are the messaging restrictions are provided by the plugin?

With BP Private community Pro plugin allows you to restrict the user roles from sending a new message, from sending replies,  from starting messages to multiple friends, Prevent messaging from nonfriends, etc.

WB Plugins >> Community Pro>> Membership Restrictions, And select the user role from the dropdown.

Scroll down and open the tab Messages Restrictions,  and access the following settings

Messages Restrictions

  • Prevent Role From Starting a New Conversation.
  • Prevent Role From Sending Messages Replies.
  • Prevent Role From Starting a Multiple Conversation.
  • Prevent Messaging Non-Friends: User Can’t message non-friends users.
  • Max Messaged Users: How many users can this role message?
  • Max Messages Per Account: How many messages can this role send per account?

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Update on January 6, 2022