BuddyPress Polls Features

  1. Create Polls at BuddyPress activity and groups.
  2. A poll icon is added to the What’s new in Activity.
  3. A poll icon is added to the What’s new in Groups.
  4. Allow users to change their votes(Revoting Feature).
  5. Allow users to view the list of voters on the poll.
  6. Feature to limit the poll options.
  7. Feature to display after pole message.
  8. Single Option Polls – users can pick just one answer.
  9. Multiple Option Polls – users can pick more than one answer.
  10. Responsive Designs, Fits well with all mobile devices.
  11. Logged out users see the polls on activities, but can’t vote or see the poll results.
  12. Displays the poll-wise graph to view the poll results.
  13. Poll revoting feature for the users.
  14. Show the voter list.
  15. Poll results can also be exported as a CSV file.
  16.  A widget for admin to display the recent and Highest voted poll on site.
Update on November 27, 2018