How to show Post form on user profile

BuddyPress allows members to publish blog posts directly from their Profiles.

To do so

  • Navigate to WB Plugins >> BuddyPress Member Blog >> General, and
  • keep the field blank instead of mapping the “Add new post” page created by the plugin.
  • save the settings
  • visit the User’s BuddyPress profile.
  • Click on “Add Post” Label
  • You’ll be able to access the form on users profile




1 thought on “How to show Post form on user profile

  1. Is there any possibility to enhance the function, so that:

    1) iFrames can be embedded in the blog body (for example from a podcast platform)?
    2) Image(s) can be placed within the blog body? (not just the header image).

    Thank you!

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Update on March 14, 2024