Activity Stream Settings

This setting allows you to generate the BuddyPress Activities on the creation of a new idea. It has the following options below:

Enable Post to Activity Stream

Enable this setting to generate a buddypress activity everytime a new idea gets posted.

Action text

This setting allows you to the action text for the activity. By default it is set as Posted an idea. You can change it according to your convinience. Let’s change it to “Posted a Feedback”.

If this setting is enabled, The title of the idea will be displayed after the action text as a link.

Enable Comment

If this setting is enabled you can change the WordPress Comments to the BuddyPress Comments.

By Default the idea comments will display as WordPress Comments. You can replace it with the BuddyPress Comments. It means all these comments that are posted on the idea will be synced with the BuddyPress Idea Activity.

If somebody posts a comment on BuddyPress Idea Activity it will display on the single idea and vice versa.


Update on April 17, 2023