IdeaPush Configuation

Ideapush is one of the best Customer Feedback plugins available on WordPress.

We have integrated it with BuddyPress. So before diving into the BuddyPress IdeaPush Integration plugin, Let’s see the configuration of IdeaPush.

So firstly, You’ll need the IdeaPush plugin. You can download it from the repository and it is completely free.

Click here to download the IdeaPush plugin.


You can download it from your WordPress dashboard. Navigate to Plugins > Add New, and search for Idea Push.

Once the plugin is installed, Go to IdeaPush > Settings, and then Create a Board.

Enter the name of the board and click¬†Add button. Once the add button is clicked your Board is created and you’ll see the further options.

I always recommend disabling the Hold Ideas option. Because that simply means, Whenever someone posts a suggestion or an Idea it will be published immediately without being approved by site Administrator.

Let’s save all the settings and now copy the shortcode of this board by Clicking COPY SHORTCODE button.

Now just push this shortcode into any post or page.

It is recommended to put this shortcode on a page that is Full Width and does not have any sidebar. Because it looks like this:


So, I am going to create a new page.

Navigate to Pages >> Add new >> Enter the Title,>> Paste the shortcode, and publish the page.

So now I will attach this page to our Menu so that site users can easily access it to publish the feedback.

Update on April 17, 2023