Manage Member Location

Member location basically works for identifying the members through their locations, then it will be easy for the site users to find them.

This feature gives a location x-profile field on members’ profiles.

xProfile Fields Usage

To enable this feature, Navigate to WB Plugins >> Member Locations, and enable the location field.

You can use either a single address field or a multiple address field.

  • Single Address field: It accepts the address in a single line. Once you have selected the single Address field, you need to map the profile field for that address. open the Location/Address dropdown and select the Location field.

Note: Before choosing the location field, You need to create it manually by navigating to the Users >> Profile Fields >> Add New Field. Once the field is created, It will reflect in the Location/Address dropdown and you can select that.

How to create and map xProfile Fields?

  • Multiple Address field: This option accepts the address n multiple Fields. For eg: Street address, state, country, etc. For this option, you need to create multiple profile fields.


Note: You need to select the same profile field in the Street and Select Autocomplete Field to get the Auto complete feature.

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Update on July 19, 2022