BuddyPress Check-ins Pro Plugin allows your members to post check-ins like other social media platforms, on your website activity stream. Members have a mashup of their check-ins on their profile. The plugin also provides BuddyPress Members mashup on the member directory and BuddyPress Groups mashup on the group directory.

Following are the main features of  BP check-ins pro”:

  • AutoComplete feature: You can add a location for your choice. Start typing the location name and it will suggest
  • based on your input and you can select it. (Address Autotcomlete only works with google map)
  • Set range for fetching the places while Check-ins with Place type
  • Allow members to post location inside the activity.
  • Allow admin to add map location for the member.
  • Allow admin to display member’s map mashup.
  • Allow admin to add map location fields for groups.
  • Allow admin to display group’s map mashup on group directory.
  • Allow map filter options to find members in a specific area.
  • Allow map filter option to find groups in specific areas.
  • Display Single group location map and location for the single group will be optional.
  • Members should be filtered based on location using BP profile search.
  • Display Profile in Preview Check-ins.


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Update on July 19, 2022