General Settings

To access the general settings of the plugin, navigate to the WB Plugins >> Check-ins Pro >> general Setting

Default Language

Set the default language to be used with the API providers. It can be en, ar, etc. You need to enter the language code here.

Default Region

Enter the country code that will be used as the default with the API providers. The country code controls the default region when geocoding an address and when using other services provided by the API providers.

Zoom level

Add zoom level of groups & members directory map. Zoom level values should be between 1 and 20. The neighborhood level is approximately 15.

Map Type

Select the Map Type in between Hybrid, Satellite, Roadmap, and Terrain.

Directory Map Width

Map width in pixels or percentage ( ex. 100% or 500px ).

Directory Map Height

Map height in pixels or percentage ( ex. 100% or 400px ).

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Update on June 19, 2023