How to Set up the plugin?

The plugin will provide you with the birthday widget, assign the widget inside the desired sidebar, and allow your members to see upcoming birthdays. 

To assign the widget, navigate to Dashboard >> Appearance >> Widget

Here admin will get the following options to adjust:

  • Widget Title – This allows you to set the title as per your choice. this title will display on the front end. For eg: If you are going to show Upcoming Birthdays set the title ‘Upcoming Birthdays’.
  • Age Checkbox – Mark this tick if you want to show the age of the person on the widget. 
  • Wish checkbox- Mark this tick if you want to wish the person directly via the widget.
  • Date Format: Enter the format of the date you want to show on the widget. for month use F, for date use d, and for the year use y. for eg, F d y or F d.
  • Birthday range limit – This allows you to limit the birthday display on the widget. For example, If you set monthly, birthdays in an upcoming month will display on the widget.
  • Display NameType: set the name type, you want to show on the Birthday widget. options re nickname, User name, and First name.
  • Field’s Name – Select the corresponding date field here. You have a date field inside Dashboard >> Users >> Profile Fields.
  • Number of birthdays to show – Enter the number of your choice.
  • Select emoji- Allow you to select emoji to display on the frontend

Front end view of the widget:

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Update on June 16, 2022