General Settings

First, you need to activate the “BuddyPress Contact Me” plugin on your WordPress site. This is typically done through the WordPress admin dashboard under the “Plugins” section.

After activating the plugin, you can configure its settings by navigating to a specific location in the WordPress admin dashboard.

The navigation path to access the settings is described as “WB Plugins >> BuddyPress Contact Me >> General Settings“.

BuddyPress Notifications

Enable this option, if you want the member to receive a BuddyPress Notification when someone contacts them. This setting determines if a member will receive a notification via the BuddyPress system when another user contacts them.

Email Notifications

This setting determines whether the member will receive an email notification when contacted by another user.

Enable Contact Tab

Enable this option to display the contact tab on a member’s BuddyPress profile.

User Email

This is where you can specify the email address from which the notifications or messages will appear to be sent.

Would you like to forward a copy to the admin?

When you enable this setting, a duplicate of the email will also be sent to the admin.

Allow the sender to receive a copy of the Email

If activated, the person sending the message will also get a copy of the email they sent.

This allows the administrator to decide if other users will receive mail when a contact email is sent.

This setting specifies which user roles are allowed to initiate contact with other users.

This determines which user roles can be the recipients of contact messages.

Email Subject

Here, you can customize the subject line of the emails sent through the contact form.

Email Body

This is where you can define the content of the email body and utilize placeholders for the receiver’s and sender’s usernames.. two parameters are given:

  • {user_name}: Mail receiver’s username
  • {sender_user_name}: Mail senders’s username
Update on June 21, 2024