General Settings

Following are the general settings provided by the plugin:

Filter View

Choose to apply filters in real-time using AJAX or to show a button to apply all filters.

  • Instant Results
  • By Clicking Apply Filter button

Show Result

Choose to load the results on the same page using AJAX or load the results on a new page

  • On the same page using Ajax
  • On a new page

Hide Empty Terms

Enable to hide empty terms from the filters section

Hide Out of Stock Product

Enable to hide “out of stock” products from the results.

Show Reset Button

Enable to show the “Reset filter” button to allow the user to cancel the filter selection in one click

Reset Button Position

Choose the default position for a reset button. Three different positions are given:

  • Before Filters
  • After filter
  • Above product list

Show Clear Above each Filter

Enable to show the “Clear” link above each filter of the preset.

Show Active Filters as Label

Enable to show the active filters as labels. Labels show the current filter selection and can be used to remove any active filter.

Scroll Top After Filtering

Enable this option if you want to scroll to the top of the page after filtering.

Update on August 10, 2022