Member Type Feature in BuddyBoss Platform with Reign Theme

BuddyBoss Platform has the functionality to create different profile or member types to put the specific user under a specific profile, i.e., student, teacher, content writer, etc. In this feature, Site administrator can creates different profile types and then assign these profile types to the users of the sites.
To create a new profile type, follow the given steps:

1.  Enable profile type settings: In order to enable the BuddyBoss Platform Profile type feature, Navigate to BB Platform > Settings > Profiles, and enable profile types settings :

It has the Following Settings :

  • Enable the profile type feature to introduce into your website
  • Enable this setting to display profile types on member’s profile page
  • First create some profile types and then select a default profile type, It means when a new user will register into your site, then selected profile type will be assigned to this newly registered member.

2. Create a new profile type: New profile tab will appear under BuddyBoss settings side panel. Navigate to        BuddyBoss > Profile > Profile Types > Add New

Now fill the information about the profile type as per your preference:

  • New Profile Type: Give the name of new profile type.
  • Labels: Enter the singular and plural label.
  • Permissions: It has some permissions for the site administrators to be applied on their community Website.
      1.  Admin can set whether he wants to display the created profile type on the frontend under the profile type       filter dropdown.
    2.  Admin can hide all the members of created profile types to be displayed under the member directory.
    3.  Admin can allow users to self-select profile type from the “Profile Type” profile field dropdown.

  • WordPress roles: Users of this profile type will be auto-assigned to the following WordPress roles (includes existing users).

3.  Assign a member in the created profile type: To assign a member navigate to User > All user
Now select the users and then change the profile types from the dropdown list.

How Profile type will display in the Reign theme Member’s directory:
On the member directory page, You will see the profile type mention on each member’s profile. You also can use the filter dropdown to see a specific profile type’s users. Like it is shown in the picture, only students are displaying after selecting the profile type :

How Profile type will display under the single-member profile:
With Reign theme, If you visit a single member’s profile, You can see a label stating the profile type in the member header.

Update on May 5, 2022