Frontend settings

Peepso WCFM addon plugin provides Multivendor settings to all users:
Peepso WCFM Settings for all users :
User Profile > Preferences > Display my favorite products to other users.
Display my favorite products to other users:  If the user enables this setting ‘Display my favorite products to other users’, then favorite products tab will be display to all others users also when they visit your profile and they can see all your favorite products.
Peepso WCFM settings for only vendors :
User Profile > Preferences > Add activity on Product Creation
Add activity on Product Creation: If the user enables ‘Add activity on Product Creation‘, then a new activity will generate whenever the vendor will add any new product.
Tabs on user profile-
User can see Favorite products tab and become a vendor tabs on their profile.
Favorite products tab:  This tab will display all the favorite product which are marked as a favorite by the user.

Become a vendor tab:   This tab will display the vendor application for becoming a vendor.

After this Admin will approve the vendor’s application, and then the user role is changed to vendors role. Now Vendors can open their store by adding and selling their product.
Tabs on vendors profile:
Vendors dashboard tab:  
This tab will display the vendor’s dashboard


Products tabs:  This tab will display all the product which are added by the vendor.

Update on May 5, 2022